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Facial beauty treatment for the rested, youthful and healthy appearance of the skin


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There may exist many good facial treatments, but only one is right for your skin. What is ideal facial beauty treatment you can learn only from your skin, from its specific ingredients and its unique needs.

In my Beauty salon Moja lepotilnica you will received personal adjusted beauty care treatment, which is made on thoroughly analysis of your skin. This treatment will be performed only for you in order to reach ideal effectiveness.

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unique FACIALS

The treatment is completely adapted to the individual, therefore it is suitable for all, but created is especially for you.

110 MIN
Exclusive, customized facial care that in one treatment offers more. This facial care is about helping to eliminate the visible signs of aging, or, for the results with a larger scope.

I use cosmoceuticals Dr. Babor, which contain precise natural formulas and thus offer fast and good results. Also, this facial care is individually tailored to give the skin exactly what it needs.
It starts with an analysis of your skin and this allows me to fine-tune the treatment to your skin type and condition. Tailored exfoliation is followed by eyebrow shaping and hair removal. I prepare the skin for deep cleansing by focusing on thorough cleansing of pores, removal of comedones, acne, miles, etc. After the skin is ready, a relaxing massage of the face, neck and décolleté is performed, and we continue to apply a suitable mask to revitalize lean and tired skin. Finally, I use a serum with antioxidant action and a protective cream that increases the skin’s resistance to external influences. This facial treatment improves the appearance of firmness and elasticity, thus equalizing skin tone and restoring radiance. The skin becomes full and smooth. Eyebrow and eyelash dyes are also included to the treatment.
90 MIN
Slightly more intensive work procedures are involved in this care. The facial care presented is our bestseller.

It is performed in the following order. I start by superficially cleansing the skin with a hydrophilic cleansing oil that is very gentle on the skin or with milk to remove make-up as well. I consult with you and continue procedure with the diagnosis of your skin condition. Taking into account your skin condition and your wishes, I set further care at such a level that you will have the appropriate realistic results in the end.
In addition, I can also shape your eyebrows and remove hairs above your upper lip. The treatment continues with peeling or. appropriate mechanical, enzymatic or chemical means.

Treatment is followed by the preparation of the skin for deep cleansing or. extraction where I properly clean your pores, remove blackheads and minor imperfections that are present. When completed, a relaxing face massage of the face, neck and décolleté follows to relieve stress, accelerate skin regeneration and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Next step is made by the application of a suitable mask with antioxidant action. Finally, a suitable ampoule in the form of a serum is added, which is gently massaged and thus, together with a customized, protective cream, protects your skin. The result of this treatment is that the skin becomes fuller, cleaner, fresher, softer and more relaxed. This type of care is by my clients preferred.
60 MIN
The treatment is intended for basic cleansing, smoothing and improving the radiance of the skin, but without deep cleansing. I would like to introduce you to the course of basic facial care briefly. Care begins with superficial cleansing of the skin with cleansing foam. I continue with the skin analysis, which allows me to adjust the care to your skin condition precisely.
After skin analysis a mechanical or enzymatic exfoliation is carried out that carefully removes the top layer of skin to make it radiant.  After that comes a relaxing facial massage, which only strengthens the care and accelerates regeneration. Treatment is followed by a mask and finally a finishing cream. The cream protects your skin from external influences and thus completes the care nicely. The treatment is performed with top-quality Babor cosmetics. At the end of the treatment, your skin will be nurtured and rested.


Each time you visit, I am fully devoted to you and you only.

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