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Moja Lepotilnica is a boutique salon where can I give personal attention to each client who will feel like a queen. In each visit I am fully devoted to you only. I offer you professional perfection and only the best cosmetic products.

Best for you
best facials in Ljubljana

Only the best for you and your skin

In Moja lepotilnica I can offer you only the best, therefore I use skin-friendly cosmetics Babor, which combines the power of nature and the precisely effectiveness of cosmetic science.

All beauty procedures in Moja lepotilnica are carried out in accordance with the highest cosmetic standards and by using innovative care devices which can be easily compared with the cosmetic devices in European beauty parlors.
Individual facials in LJubljana

Why individual approach

Each person is unique and has individual needs to take care of the skin or physical needs of the body. Therefore, an individual approach is so important, as it allows me to use all my knowledge and experience to skin-care you need. Without rush, without shortcuts. Each client deserves only the best.

Individual approach assures you completely privacy, therefore in Moja lepotilnica you can completely relax for which reason the body will be more susceptible to beauty treatments and relaxation techniques are more efficient.



  • Basic Beauty Treatment - 60 min 65 eur

    The treatment is intended for basic cleansing, smoothing and improving the shiny skin, but without deep cleansing.

  • Upgraded Beauty Treatment - 95 min 87 eur

    Slightly more intensive facial treatment procedures are involved in this care. The facial care presented is a bestseller.

  • Exclusive Beauty Treatment - 110 min 120 eur

    Exclusive, tailored facial care that offers you more in one treatment. This facial care is about helping to eliminate the visible signs of aging

  • A back facial treatment - 50 min 65 eur

    A deep back cleansing facial that is specifically designed to nourish and repair the skin on your back.


  • Eyebrow Shaping 12 eur

    I Take Special Care of All Your Brow

  • Eyebrow Shaping with Facial Treatment 7 eur

    I Take Special Care of All Your Brow

  • Eyebrow Tint 12 eur

    I Take Special Care of All Your Brow

  • Eyebrow Tint with Facial Treatment 7 eur

    I Take Special Care of All Your Brow

  • Eyelasher Coloring with Facial Treatment 7 eur

    I Take Special Care of All Your Eyelashe

  • Eyelasher Coloring 12 eur

    I Take Special Care of All Your Eyelashe


  • Remove permanent nail polish 15 eur



  • Classic body massage (Swedish) 30 min/50 min 40 eur/65 eur

    Massage for relaxation of your body and your mind


  • Foot massage 45 min 50 eur

    For the establishment of the energy balance in the body


  • Full legs 48 eur
  • Legs and bikini area 58 eur
  • Half legs to the knees / thighs 24 eur / 26 eur
  • Arms 23 eur
  • Bikini area 20 min / Bikini 40 min 20 eur / 39 eur
  • Armpit 15 eur
  • Mustache 9 eur
  • Face 20 eur
  • Back 40 eur
I had a wonder experience at Moja Lepotilnica. A delightful massage and a really beautiful deep clean facial . I felt I looked years younger . Very professional but personal at the same time . Would thoroughly recommend. Thank you Bojana
Julianne Cavalieri

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